Mt. Pulag akiki trail (June 23-25, 2023)

Mt. Pulag Akiki-Ambangeg Trail

June 22 (Thursday)
0500H Meetup Jollibee, Victory Liner, Baguio City
0530H ETD McDo
0700H Breakfast, pack lunch, pack dinner
0800H ETA, DENR, briefing
1000H ETA Akiki Jump-off
1100H Start trek
1300H Edit river, lunch
1900H ETA, Marllboro Camp

June 23 (Friday)
0700H Breakfast
0800H Start trek
1100H ETA last water source
1300H Grassland
1500H Summit
1700H Ambangeg Camp

June 24 (Saturday)
0500H Breakfast
0600H Start descent
1000H End of trek
1100H ETD Babadak station
1900H ETA Baguio

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